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Commemorating the Air and Ground crews of the Spitfire generation, and the mighty Supermarine Spitfire aircraft.

60th Anniversary Commemorative Series

A look at the past, present and future activities of the association as we celebrate turning 60

60th Anniversary Commemoration

Air and Ground Crew

Biographies of the people of the Spitfire generation. The Crew biographies present information from the National Archive of Australia, news articles, and first hand accounts of those that served alongside them.

Spitfire Squadrons of WWII

Spitfire Design

R J Mitchell, the Supermarine Spitfire’s designer, learnt his trade during WWI. He was conscious of the fragility of the early planes, and always considered pilot safety in his designs...

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History > Spitfires Over Australia

Spitfires Over Australia

Its unmistakable lines created the most distinctive and recognizable aircraft silhouette of WWII. However, on 25 Aug 1942 its presence was so secret; it flew under the code ...

Association History

A first hand account of the beginnings of Spitfire Association.

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