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Membership Ethos

The Australian Spitfire Association celebrates 60 years of service to its members and the community in 2020.

During the Second World War Australian service men and women played a vital role in every theatre of the conflict, leading to the successful Allied outcome in 1945 and celebrated in 2015 with the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the 70th anniversary of victory in Europe and the Pacific. These Australians who played such an important role in securing peace in 1945 are among a long line of distinguished Defence Force personnel; as strong today as it was 75 years ago.

Australia produced at least 85 air “Aces” during the conflict and many of these were Spitfire pilots, serving in all theatres during World War II.

A New Dawn

Our Association, founded by many of these Spitfire pilots, remains strong to this day. Now though, in the twilight of the Spitfire Generation, we enter a new era; one where this generation will carry the Spirit of the Spitfire forward, without the guiding hand of the founders of our organisation.

We bravely look to the future, steadfast in our promise to never forget the sacrifices made in Europe, and later at Australia's doorstep to the north. We will forever protect the spirit of camaraderie, service and enjoyment of life, which is the hallmark of the Association, and we will use it to move toward an ever-uncertain future, bound together by a love of Australia and of this iconic aeroplane.

We welcome all prospective members to join the Spitfire Association. Membership is only $35 per annum, payable on 1st July each year. We do offer an early bird price of $25 for those that pay before 01 September.

We also accept donations above this amount, either for the Association, or the Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship (SMDF). The SMDF donations are tax deductable for Australian domiciled members. Please contact us via the committee page if you wish to make a donation.

2019/20 Membership

Membership to the Spitfire Association is $35 per year.

Join us in our mission to support the Australian Defence Force, as we "Carry the Spirit Forward".

Membership Benefits

We look after our members, and our list of benefits is growing steadily. Membership to the Spitfire Association provides the following opportunities:

Travel Deals

Access to guided tours of key international WWII destinations and domestic events like Warbirds Downunder, through Spitfire Global Travel.

Luncheon Series

Discounted tickets to the prestigious Lysle Roberts Memorial Luncheon Series. With current and former RAAF Air Commanders as guest speakers, our luncheons are both informative and great fun.

Education Grants

Compete for funding in a relevant field of education, through the Spitfire Memorial Development Fellowship.

Philanthropic Programs

Through your tax-deductible donations to the Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship, and similar programs, you can contribute to our efforts to modernise the Defence of Australia.


Our people are the heart of our association. Join a diverse group of people with an interest in the ADF of today and tomorrow, and the acheivements and history of the Spitfire generation.


Join us each year for our premier annual event, the Spitfire Association Luncheon on ANZAC Day in Sydney, with high profile guest speakers.