Valued fellow Spitfire Association members and friends,

With the sun now set on another Remembrance Day, it is timely to speak to you regarding the activities being undertaken by the Spitfire Association and how they contribute to our wider aims.

By now, you will most likely have seen the advertisements for our European tours commencing next year. These opportunities, unmatched by any other Australian organisation, are a unique and in-depth look at some of the history of WWII. More importantly, they are vital to the continued fundraising efforts of the Association. Profits from all our activities directly support the Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship (SMDF) and future philanthropic efforts.

In this new era absent the guiding hand of our founding members, we proudly carry their spirit forward. Our aim, unchanged since the association was formed, is to leverage fundraising efforts toward actively contributing to the development of the Australian Defence Force of today and tomorrow. We will forever strive to keep both the ADF and Australia relevant within the Asia-Pacific region.

As our committee refocuses association activities toward past, present and future equally, our potential membership broadens to new generations of people. Most will not yet know we exist, so now more than ever we ask for your help. Firstly, you can assist us by taking up the fantastic travel and luncheon opportunities our committee has worked tirelessly to see realised. More importantly though, you can simply join (if you are not yet a member), spread the word of our activities through conversation and social media, and recruit new members. The Spitfire Association is more than a historical association - it is truly becoming the living, breathing memorial to the Spitfire generation envisioned back in the 1960's.

Our Remembrance Day post discussed now being a time to take stock. The Spitfire Association will honour the memory of our fallen by supporting both the ADF and Australia toward the future. The active participation of you, our most valued membership, is the one certain factor that will ensure our success.

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