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LAC Bernard Conroy 143172

Squadron/s110 MFCU
Rank On Discharge/Death Leading Aircraftman (LAC)
Date of Birth07 May 1925
Date of Enlistment06 Jul 1943
Contributing Author/sBernie Conroy and Steve McGregor
Reviewed November 2013
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Bernard was born on the 7th May, 1925 in Armadale, Victoria. He enlisted on the 6/7/43 in Malvern Victoria If I can remember correctly my tent mates were Eddie Knight (Victoria), Jack Saunders (Queensland), Adrian Candella (Victoria) and myself… the skinny one in the front row right hand side (See the photo below).

I know that both Bob Davey and Adrian Candella have passed away but I wonder whether any of the other fellows are still alive.

Our group completed our signals course at Pt. Cook, in Victoria, and we were then sent to a staging camp to Colonel Light Gardens in South Australia, before going north by train to Burdum ion the Northern territory. Then to Darwin (Elizabeth River) to the 110 MFCU by road and ended up at the Spitfire Squadron recording signals of aircraft movements.

I also attended the signing of the surrender ceremony see photo of the General Tom Blamey and officers of the Japanese command. At the Victory Party held in Morotai on the 24th August, 1945 the Wing Commander (Commanding Officer) of Group 517, RAAF Pacific wrote to us all:-

“Now that we have come to the end of this long and tiresome was as the victors, I would like to offer my congratulations to all you men who have worked and served so well in this Unit now under my command.

Your work, your cheeriness and your patience under the inevitable hardships and disappointments of war service are the greatest credit to you all and have been of inestimable value to the general war effort.

And now I hope it will not be long before you are back home, where I know your thoughts have been all these years.

May the peace bring to you all the good fortune you have so well earned.”

After our service on Morotai I was transported back to Tocumwal after the ceasefire and then to Melbourne where I was discharged on the 27/3/46.

Elizabeth River November 1944 (south of Darwin, NT). Back Row: Ray Dorrington, Eddie Knight, Dave Jenkins, Bob 'Digit' Davey. Front Row: Eddie Jenkins, Bernie Conroy.

Surrender ceremony in Pacific area. Morotai 1946. General Tom Blamey left hand side.

Some of the 110 MFCU bods waiting to attend the ceremony. Bernie Conroy in dark hat standing RHS).

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