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FLTLT Angus Arthur Haynes 411907

Squadron/s611 SQN RAF
457 SQN
Rank On Discharge/Death Flight Lieutenant (FLTLT)
Mustering / SpecialisationPilot
Date of Birth26 Dec 1917
Date of Enlistment21 Jun 1941
Contributing Author/sPhil Listemann and David Hamilton
Updated by Vince Conant May 2014
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Angus was born at Home Plaine, NSW on the 26/12/1917 and enlisted on 21/6/1941. His first tour was with No 611 squadron in England between September 1942 and April 1943.

He returned to Australia in July and joined No 457 Squadron, Spitfires.

He was discharged on 19/10/1945 from No 8 Operational Training Unit [OTU]

Official Record: Flt Sgt A Haynes - 1 x Fw190 Damaged

Angus' Combat Report: I was flying as Blue 2 patrolling Cap Griz Nez to Boulogne. We had just completed a left hand turn off Griz Nez when I saw 2 FW 190's at 7 o'clock below flying in the opposite direction. I called to my leader to follow and that I was going down but he did not hear. Black section, whom I could only just see, heard me however but lost sight of me. I chased 2 E/A inland just North of Griz Nez and opened fire at 450-500 yards as I thought I was losing them. They turned left and I was unable to get deflection because I was turning too fast. There was black smoke coming from both E/A but the No. 2 was belching quite a lot more than the No. 1. The No. 2 then broke downwards and I thought he was going to hit the deck as we were only flying at about 1000-1500 feet - I fired 2 long bursts using all my ammunition. I then turned to come out over Ambleteuse, the flak was very heavy and I collected one small hole in the starboard wing. Just as I got out of the flak I was chased by 3 FW 190's. I dropped the jettison tank but they still seemed to close so I turned towards them and in one turn was on their tail but I continued turning and made for home at full throttle and although they still chased me they could not close - these are good aircraft. I claim 1 FW 190 damaged.

Sometimes, all that matters is flying. This report reads:

During his instructional tour at this unit, F/O Hayes has displayed eagerness and determination to do a good job. He has fair ability as an officer, which in respect to flying duties is greatly amplified by his enthusiasm towards flying instruction and a personal interest shown in his pupils. He is somewhat deficient in service knowledge which can be attributed to a lack of interest in service matters outside flying duties.

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