As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Spitfire Association, we look back at the very great contribution that both men and women made to keeping Australia resilient, during World War II and after.

To recognise their contribution, and in respect of their memory, we will be sharing their stories on our website, and in our social media. We are also seeking personal anecdotes and reminiscences from family members, who wish to be part of our commemoration series.

We start our commemoration series with the pilots and ground crew, and current members, who have extended their service, to that of President of our Association.

Please look out for the stories of the men and women who gave so much for us. They will be featured over the next 12 weeks, as the Spitfire Association actively works to help Australia remain resilient and work to our motto of 'Carry the Spirit Forward' for the founders of the Association and all who served.

Number 1 Spitfire Fighter Wing and Number 80 Fighter Wing

FSGT Thomas Calder (Tosha) Tennant (14148) 1960-1963
FLTLT John Henry Eric Bisley DFC (402720) DFC 1967-1971

The Spitfire Association

FLTLT John Henry Eric Bisley DFC (402720) 1971-1975
SQNLDR Bruce Dudridge Watson DFC 403084) 1976, 1978-1980
FLTLT William Ronald Cundy DFC, DSM, MiD (402732) 1981-1985
FLTLT Keith Colyer DFC (403858) 1986,87,88,89
FLTLT John Rodney Jenkins (405210) 1990-1991
FLTLT Philip Herbert "Peter" Watson DFC (402267) 1992-1994
FLTLT Charles Walter Bewick Hack (136816) 1995-1997
LAC Raymond Charles Bowes (135466) 1998-1999, 2000-2004
LAC John Barry Edstein (133329) 2005-2006
LAC Raymond Jack Hart (134322) OAM 2007-2008
FLTLT Joseph Lysle Roberts (432618) 2009-2012
Steve McGregor 2013-2015
FLTLT Joseph Lysle Roberts (432618) 2016
Geoff Zuber 2017 - Present