As week 1 of this ANZAC Day Commemorative Series draws to a close, we pay our respects to the air and ground crew of WWII who inaugurated the Spitfire Association.

You've already met some of them during the week. Unfortunately, we don't have biographies for the remainder, so if you are a friend or family to these dedicated airmen we'd love to hear from you.

Spitfire Association Founding Committee

GPCAPT Clive Caldwell (Patron) FLGOFF Paul Dehlsen
FLTLT John Bisley Ron Lambert
SGT James Grant FLTLT John Newton
PLTOFF Arthur Batchelor Jack Thomas, ex-RAF
Bruce Little John Hibbert
Harry Smith Keith Shaddock
Steve Oulih Don McLean

For more information on the birth of the Spitfire Association, read a first hand account on our Association History page.