Today we recognise the efforts of a representative group of airmen who flew with 453 SQN over Normandy in support of the D-Day invasion, on 06 Jun 1944.

We have released a further small collection of biographies, some recalling their own experiences, some with photos of the men taken during the war.

FSGT Allan W Dowding 425139

FLGOFF Kenneth Kinross 409147

FLTLT Vernon Lancaster 409149 (DFC)

FLTLT Kenneth Lawrence 286340

FLGOFF Roderick Lyall 409160 (MiD)

FLTLT Patrick McDade 403000 (DFC)

FLGOFF Michael West 406586

FLGOFF Frederick Cowpe 412491 (DFC, Legion of Honour)

The Australian War Memorial also has an excellent article on some of the experiences of 453 SQN over Europe, both during and after D-Day. That article can be found here: Spitfires on the Continent - AWM.

As always, we use representative groups of pilots to commemorate a much larger group. Our ultimate aim is to recognise all air and ground crew, and squadrons, especially those who are unknown or under-represented in the commemorative activities. We endeavour to one day capture the efforts of all squadrons with RAAF pilots and ground crew. The willingess of people to give information regarding their own family members, or provide suggestions forms a vital part of our story. Our sincere thanks to those of you who have come forward since our ANZAC Day campaign, it is very reassuring to have such support behind us.

Picture: Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial, from the same article above