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FSGT Allan W Dowding 425139

Normandy, France. C. 1944-07. Pilot 425139 Flight Sergeant Dowding, Goondiwindi, QLD, with No. 453 (Spitfire) Squadron RAAF, painted in black and white stripes, invasion markings, prepares to take off from beach-head airstrip at an advanced landing ground, B.11, in Normandy.
Squadron/s453 SQN
Rank On Discharge/Death Flight Sergeant (FSGT)
Mustering / SpecialisationPilot
Date of Birth19 Aug 1921
Contributing Author/sVince Conant, 2016
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Date of birth - 19 Aug 1921
Place of birth - GOONDIWINDI QLD
Place of enlistment - BRISBANE

This letter advises Allan's family that he was positively sighted in a P.O.W camp, recovering from his injuries, after being shot down France.

STATION FORD. Informal outdoor portrait of pilots from No. 453 (Spitfire) Squadron RAAF using a spare belly tank as a resting place outside their tent at Beach-Head Airstrip, an advance landing ground, B.11, from where they operated over the Normandy battlefield. Identified from left to right: 425139 Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt) Allan William Dowding from Goondiwindi, Queensland; 412513 Warrant Officer (WO) Allan Harold John Harris from Yenda, NSW (killed on flying operations over France on 27 July 1944); 418083 Flt Sgt Ralph Alan Dutneall from Hawthorn East, Victoria (killed on flying operations over France on 27 July 1944); and 409367 WO Hector Deeble Aldred from Bentleigh, Victoria (later Flying Officer).

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