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FLTLT Stanley George Scrimgeour 402986

Squadron/s453 SQN
457 SQN
Rank On Discharge/Death Flight Lieutenant (FLTLT)
Date of Birth12 Dec 1920
Date of Enlistment11 Nov 1940
Contributing Author/sSteve McGregor, Vince Conant, 2013
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Regrettably not much is known about George.

Born 12/12/1920 in Newcastle, NSW. Enlisted 11/11/1940. He was a Singapore veteran with No 453 squadron August 1941 to March 1942. Evacuated to Australia he was in No 24 Squadron between April and August 1942.

He would have had to have been on an early EATS course, for he joined 453 Squadron R.A.A.F., in Singapore in 1941, when it was equipped with Brewster Buffalos, where he fought against the Japanese in the disastrous Malayan Campaign.

George managed to return to Australia and served with 457 Spitfire Squadron, when it was based in the South West Pacific area in No 457 SQN in 1945. He was credited with two victories, one of them in Singapore. He was discharged 8/2/1946.

L-R: Dave Evans, Mick Simmonds and George Scrimgeour

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