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FLGOFF Lesley Ean Benson McKellar 403681

Squadron/s79 SQN
Rank On Discharge/Death Flying Officer (FLGOFF)
Mustering / SpecialisationPilot
Date of Birth03 Jul 1918
Contributing Author/sCompiled by Vince Conant, 2017
The Spitfire Association

Date of birth: 03 Jul 1918
Place of birth: Sydney, NSW
Place of enlistment: Sydney, NSW
Next of Kin: McKellar, Leslie

Aircraft/Accident Record:

A58-144 F.VC EE851 Rec 1AD ex UK 20/04/43. Rec 79Sqn RAAF 28/05/43. Coded UP-O. Accident 0935Hrs 10/07/43, during high altitude test flight over base Vivigani, Goodenough Island, the engine cut-out at 36000ft, resulting in deadstick wheels up landing at non matted portion of strip. Aircraft overshot strip on landing and touched down on southern end. Pilot was Sgt McKellar Ser#403681. Aircraft extensively damaged, though pilot un-hurt. Rec 26 RSU ex 79Sqn RAAF 15/07/43. Allotted to 15ARD ex 26RSU 15/07/43. AMSE Approval per File#9/16/952 Min#7 23/08/43. RR Merlin M46 #93761. This particular aircraft was flown mostly by Unit CO, S/Ldr Rawlinson previously.


Kiriwina, Trobriand Islands, Papua. 1944-01-11. Group portrait of pilots of No. 79 (Spitfire) Squadron RAAF outside their alert hut. FRONT ROW: FLGOFF P. Birch, Sydney, NSW; FLGOFF K. Slatyer, Perth, WA; FSGT R. Rice, Glenelg, SA; PLTOFF L. McKellar, Gunnedah, NSW; FSGT A. Byrne, Sydney, NSW. STANDING: FLGOFF W. Pickard, Sydney, NSW; FLGOFF R. Nathan, Singapore; FSGT D. Grinlington, Melbourne, VIC; SQNLDR M. Bott, Sydney, NSW; FLGOFF P. Sebire, Brisbane, QLD; FSGT P. Turner, Murwillumbah, NSW; FLGOFF W. Wright, Samarai, Papua; FLGOFF J. Barrie, Melton, VIC; FLGOFF O. Morgan, Malvern, SA; FLGOFF W. Napier, Sydney, NSW; FLGOFF F. Binning, Sydney, NSW.

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