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GPCAPT Alexander Arnell 401095

Squadron/s451 SQN
Rank On Discharge/Death Group Captain (GPCAPT)
Date of Birth02 Apr 1920
Contributing Author/sAdapted by Keith Webb from entry in 'Noble 600'

Born April 2nd 1920 Alex enlisted on January the 3rd of 1941 and became a member of 10 course in the 6th draft. He was sent to Rhodesia where he trained at 27 EFTS and then on Harvards at 20 SFTS and was duly posted to the Middle East.

He was sent to Tel Aviv for Operational Training and from there was posted to 208 squadron where he completed an operational tour with 160 operational hours over the Western Desert flying Mk1 Hurricanes which were no match for the late model Me109s.

His second tour was with 451 Squadron initially with Hurricanes but re-equipped with Spitfires. His operational tour involved 90 operational hours in work initially as Army Co-op and later as a general fighter squadron.

On June the 29th of 1944 his luck ran out when he was hit by flak over Bologna where he bailed out and became a PoW.

He was released at the end of the war and was discharged with the rank of Flight Lieutenant in December 1945.

He returned to the Air Force, and was reappointed as an education officer. He served a further 22 years, reaching the rank of Group Captain.

Alec is far left, front row in this picture of 451 Squadron pilots and Administrative officers taken at Poretta, Corsica in March 1944. [Adapted by Keith Webb from entry in 'Noble 600']

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