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FLTLT Godfrey Massey Ball 404227


Squadron/s43 SQN RAF
Rank On Discharge/Death Flight Lieutenant (FLTLT)
Contributing Author/sCompiled by Vince Conant
The Spitfire Association

Godfrey, born in Ireland, the son of Major George Joseph Ball CBE appears to be the type of young man determined to make his own life in the antipodes. On enlistment, he gave his occupation as mechanic despite having a university education.

Major Ball joined MI5 after a decade at Scotland Yard. He was a qualified barrister and spent the First World War years interrogating suspected members of the British Socialist Movement.

Major Ball's public life is well-documented by John Simkin (September 1997) in a Spartacus Educational Forum. It appears from the content of his biography that he may have been a member of the Right Club [Members dedicated to obtaining a peace agreement with Adolph Hitler.] Many members were arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act.

Major Ball lost his power in the Conservative Party after the death of Neville Chamberlain but retained his position as Director of the Conservative Research Department until his retirement in 1945.

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