Words fail to describe the devastation and wider impact the bushfire crisis is having in many parts of Australia. Some members of the Spitfire Association have had close calls, but on 04 Jan 2020, we became deeply saddened by the passing of South Australian pilot Dick Lang. Both Dick, and his son Clayton, perished in a bushfire on Kangaroo island.

Dick was known as a pioneering aviator in outback Australia, and a stalwart of the Kangaroo Island community. He was also known to some members of the association, with president and fellow pilot Geoff Zuber chatting with him at William Creek in recent months. We offer our sincerest condolences to Dick's wife Helen, his surviving children and grandchildren.

Dick Lang perished in the Kangaroo Island fire in South Australia

Additionally, our thoughts go out to everyone affected in any way this bushfire season, whether through loss of life or property, or concern for themselves or others. Please continue to look after yourselves and those around you as we move through these challenges. The great resilience for which Australia is known will shine through as it always does.